Central Station Monitoring

Central station monitoring is a safety system that ensures the protection of individuals within a building equipped with a Fire Alarm System.

When the fire alarm is activated, a signal is transmitted to a central station staffed by trained personnel who work around the clock to monitor the building’s fire alarm system.

The central station can promptly contact the fire department to request assistance and respond on site within minutes of activation.

Central station monitoring is mandated by building and fire codes to ensure the safety of individuals and property in the event of a fire.

There are many types of monitoring systems for commercial fire alarm systems but the most popular is Central Station Monitoring.

This involves connecting the building’s fire alarm system to a remote monitoring station located off-site. Central station monitoring is also utilized for security and life safety systems, not just fire alarm systems.

For example, a central station monitoring system can be used to monitor security cameras and access control systems to ensure the security of a building.

To operate a central station for fire alarm monitoring, a company must register each fire alarm system on each protected premises that it is monitoring by submitting the necessary information to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Ready to discover your personalized solution?

Ready to discover your personalized solution?