The Mircom FX-2000

Mircom FX 2000 (Small)

The Mircom FX-2000 Panel is an intelligent fire alarm control panel that is designed to provide maximum flexibility of analog system requirements while also providing easy installation and operation at a cost-effective price.
It is compatible with Mircom legacy systems and devices, enabling you to retain your existing field devices as you upgrade your control panel.
Whether you need a simple or a complex system, the Mircom FX-2000 Panel has the versatility to protect your facility.




Use cases

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The Mircom FX-2000 Panel is designed to meet the fire protection needs of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.
It supports up to 99 addressable devices on Class A or Class B circuits, which can be mixed and matched according to your requirements.
You can choose from the full product line of addressable detectors and devices offered by Mircom, including smoke, heat, flame, beam, duct, and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as manual pull stations, monitor modules, control modules, and sounder bases.
With the Mircom FX-2000 Panel, you can customize your system design to suit your facility’s needs.


  • Supports up to 99 addressable devices on Class A or Class B circuits.

  • Offers the full product line of addressable detectors and devices from the Mircom portfolio.

  • Features the PAD-5 power supply with expanded flexibility in designing multi-floor systems.

  • Includes isolation device capability and Siemens patented Boost Technology for improved sounder base and horn performance.

  • Compatible with Siemens legacy systems and devices for easy upgrade.

  • Backed by Microm support, programs, and initiatives directly from the manufacturer.


Provides a flexible and easy-to-use solution for analog system requirements.

Allows you to mix and match detectors and modules across the building according to your needs.

Enhances the detection and notification capabilities of your system with a wide range of devices.

Improves the reliability and performance of your system with isolation device capability and Boost Technology.

Protects your investment in your existing systems and devices by allowing you to retain them as you update your control panel.

Gives you access to Mircom expertise, training, warranty, and service programs.

Use cases

Retail Shops – This diverse marketplace includes everything from large national chains, grocery stores, department stores, multi-location drug and specialty stores, convenience stores and more. Some of the different types of fire protection needs include:

  • Electrical equipment.

  • Fire alarms/ notification to alert customers of an emergency.

  • Suppression: less damage and lower repair costs after a fire.

Restaurants – This sector covers everything from large international chains to smaller local restaurants and more.
Protecting business continuity, employees and customers is a top priority and the Mircom FX-2000 pt System offers:

  • Advanced detection for cooking.

  • Notification to get customers out quickly.

  • Customizable design to meet the specific needs to the facility- cost effectively.

Commercial Buildings – Low and mid-rise commercial buildings need a cost-effective fire-safety option for investors and tenants.
These buildings can have complex fire protection challenges that require the Mircom FX-2000 system because it:

  • Connects up to 50 devices Easy, straightforward operation.

  • Fast installation and easy servicing.

  • Compatible with the latest Siemens detector technology.

Warehouses – There are unique challenges involved in designing fire protection systems for warehouses, distribution centers, and other modern storage facilities.
The professional designer or engineer will determine which rules need to be followed when developing a facility’s fire suppression system and need a flexible system to:

  • Protect property.

  • Have an evacuation plan & location specific alerts to notify people.

  • Be aware of the specific needs of the assets you are housing.

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